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Cooking with CBD: 5 YUMMY AND EASY ideas

Cooking with CBD: 5 YUMMY AND EASY ideas

One ​​of the great and super interesting ways to consume CBD is through its use in cooking recipes. Yes, in any type of food or drink one can add CBD to make it more organic or, perhaps, not as noticeable as two sublingual drops.

Just as we saw in previous posts when we talked about the different ways to ingest our beloved medicinal cannabinoid, edibles are a way that is gaining ground every day more popularity. Why? It is hardly noticeable and the effect is obviously the same.

It is important to clarify that the way of adding CBD to food is not the same as adding cannabis. We know that this second option requires prior preparation of an oil or butter (there are more options but these two are the main ones). This is not the case with CBD since it is usually added as simply as adding two drops of oil to our drink or food.

Food History

However, it is important to review the history of this plant and its addition to gastronomy in the history of mankind. Of course, this is what has been studied and we know today.

The history of cooking with cannabis dates back to 10th century India, where people used a mixture of ground cannabis flowers and milk (Bhang) for spiritual purposes . Rituals and connections with nature, where the effect of the various cannabinoids were sought since they provided a more intense experience.

Similar recipes were also discovered in Italy from the Renaissance period, but it was not until the second half of the 20th century that the popularity of cooking with the plant exploded, with all the magical brownies, chocolate bars, salad dressings and more crazy recipes.

In fact, with the boom in cannabis tourism -a topic we will talk about later-, cannabis gastronomy is also gaining a lot of ground and it would not be strange to start seeing cafes , restaurants or bars with magical recipes in their menus.

We know it's a food-friendly plant that can spice up a culinary experience and add a host of health benefits to your nutrition regimen, so so it's no wonder why people have embraced this activity so enthusiastically.

5 recipes with CBD

Last week we looked at the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil. The latter has more benefits for our health and well-being, particularly the Full Spectrum. Despite this, it is worth emphasizing that in the case of recipes and nutritional benefits, Hemp Oil is very good and is a great option to take advantage of if we have one on hand.

Warning, CBD Oil is an ingredient with an interesting cost, so we urge you not to play Master Chef and learn slowly. Believe me, we speak from experience. A very funny memory but not so nice to remember for our pockets.

Let's go with our list of ideas where adding CBD is a bomb!

  • Pasta with CBD Pesto. Like CBD pesto? Don't worry, during our normal pesto preparation, we add 3 small tablespoons of Ancient Therapy Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10%and that's it. The most beautiful and relaxing pesto in the world.
  • Meatballs with CBD. A very Spanish recipe, by the way. To Grandma's classic instructions, we'll add about 3 large tablespoons of Ancient Therapy Isolated CBD Oil 10%. 3 tablespoons every 400 grams of fried tomato sauce. Yes, we have verified that this recipe is better with isolated oil, instead of with the full spectrum for a flavor issue.
  • Cookies with Chocolate Chips and CBD: The wonderful recipe for sweet lovers has arrived. In this case, the ideal is to previously mix the Ancient Therapy Isolated CBD Oil 10% with coconut oil. Thus, the recipe will have a much more attractive flavor. The following steps are the same as in any normal chocolate chip cookie recipe.
  • Guacamole with CBD! Viva, Mexico! Our favorite way to consume CBD in food is none other than the queen of our Mexican brothers' recipes. Avocado is high in fat which makes it perfect for mixing with Ancient Therapy Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5%. Grind the avocado, throw in a large tablespoon of CBD oil, and the magic is done. Attention, notify our guests out of respect and education, in case of sharing it in social gatherings.
  • Any salad. It's not that we're out of ideas, or that we don't want to say one salad in particular, is that it works for all the salad dressings we want! Just by mixing a drop of Ancient Therapy Isolated CBD Oil 20% in our recipe for condiments and ualá. We like: CBD oil, extra virgin olive oil, mustard, red paprika, a pinch of sugar and oregano.

Why CBD in food?

Because the effects are longer lasting than taking them sublingually or with a vaporizer. It is also worth noting that they take much longer to take effect. It usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half to start feeling the CBD in our body.

Needless to say, it does not cause the same effects as consuming marijuana edibles because CBD products cannot contain more than 0.2% THC. This means that the high or psychotropic effect will not be present.

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