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5 Benefits of CBD Oil

5 Benefits of CBD Oil

What are the benefits of CBD Oil? Here we tell you!

On previous occasions we have talked about the general characteristics of CBD Oil, perhaps the best known product in the medicinal CBD industry. In previous articles, we developed what medicinal CBD is, we went through its history, we compared the most common types of oils and today we have to briefly share what the main benefits of this form of consumption are.
Before listing the benefits of CBD Oil, remember that its two most common methods of use are ingesting it orally, where it is usually diluted in liquids such as juices, tea or coffee, and sublingual application, where droplets are placed directly under the tongue. . We recommend defining with a specialist the frequency and quantity of the dose applied sublingually.
Let's go to the benefits!

1. Anxiety and depression
In 2017, the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry, of recognized academic importance, evaluated 57 men and the levels of anxiety they suffered when speaking in public. Before the test, the experts separated the candidates into four groups. The first of these were given a placebo, while the candidates in the other groups received 150 milligrams, 300 milligrams, or 600 milligrams of CBD.
The results were super interesting! The participants who received the placebo suffered average levels of anxiety in the face of this situation. On the other hand, those who received 300 milligrams of CBD Oil experienced a significant reduction in anxiety. The last two groups of candidates received 150 or 600 milligrams of CBD. The latter suffered greater anxiety during the test than the 300-milligram group.
This investigation determines two important points to highlight. Firstly, CBD oil manages to reduce anxiety and, secondly and more importantly, the applied dose is extremely important for its correct effect on each organism.
The effect of CBD Oil on depression is being studied, there is currently no research that specifically exemplifies and concludes a direct relationship between the two. There are studies that relate them since the use of CBD improves the general well-being of the patient.

2. Daily stress
Another of the great uses of CBD Oil is to reduce daily stress. Hence also the close relationship with the improvement of insomnia -next point-. Upon entering the body, the components of CBD bind with serotonin receptors in the brain. Thus, the first effect we feel is relaxation.
This effect is sought after in the consumption of CBD oil, as well as in many other ways of consuming cannabis or its cannabinoids.

3. Insomnia
The direct effects of CBD Oil on sleep are being studied, but as said before, by causing relaxation, stress and tension reduction, as a consequence it modifies the sleep of that periodic consumer.
Its use for more than four continuous weeks usually facilitates drowsiness due to its anxiolytic and anticonvulsant effect. It is recommended to evaluate the frequency and quantity of the doses with a specialist, with 20% and 30% CBD oils being the most used in adults.

4. Overdose is not possible
There is no proof that anyone has ever overdosed on CBD or cannabis. The amounts needed to reach this are incredibly large and virtually impossible for one person to consume.
In fact, the possibility of overdose is believed to be impossible since the central part of the brain does not have the necessary receptors to cause overstimulation of it. This part regulates breathing and blood circulation, where there are a large number of opioid receptors, for example. Hence the possibility of an overdose due to the excessive consumption of drugs/medicines made up of opium derivatives. By overstimulating the central part of the brain, it causes an imbalance in the functioning and failure of breathing and circulation.

5. Completely legal
The illegality of cannabis is usually linked to the prohibition of THC, a component of the cannabis plant with psychotropic effects that, in vulnerable patients and extreme situations, can be the cause of psychotic symptoms.
In some European countries such as Spain, the production and marketing of medicinal products derived from hemp, cannabis or with CBD, must have a maximum of 0.2% THC. Measurements greater than these are not allowed to be marketed.
Therefore, CBD oils that are within these THC limits are completely legal for use, sale and transport on public roads.
Of course, in each country the law changes and, therefore, the percentages of THC or, even, the legality or not of medicinal cannabis.

Here are some examples of CBD Oil!

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